About Ayah

When you see Ayah’s pictures and videos on her Instagram, you will fall in love
with her sweet, lovely smile.

At first glance, you will not see a child fighting the rare genetic and degenerative neuromuscular disorder called SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) type 2. 

What is ZolgenSMA?

This Groundbreaking gene therapy medication replaces the missing, defective SMA1 gene instead of working on the weaker SMN2 gene. If administered in good time, Zolgensma provides the patients with fully functional SMN protein.

It is the first gene therapy of its kind, and it is administered only once. Zolgensma is the most expensive treatment globally. It costs 2.5 million USD and is currently approved in a few countries.

How can I help?

There are several ways you can help:

We are targeting as many donations as possible to reach a hefty cost of 2.5 million USD.

Art for Ayah

The multi-talented Sheilah Sheldone has donated a painting to The Ayah Mithika Lundt Foundation for auction. It is truly one of her masterpiece lion painting that will be auctioned starting from 7000 USD, equivalent to KSH. 700,000. All the proceeds from the auction will go towards baby Ayah’s treatment.

Bano Childhood Games - by

The artist donated the above named painting to the Ayah Mithika Lundt Foundation. It is a specially handpicked piece of art, depicting children running on the streets.

#Live Fundraising

We went live for 30 hours nonstop. Our intention was to cover different time zones of well wishers.

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